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Desiree Ashton

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Are you taking full advantage of the power of Linked In status updates to communicate with your colleagues and connections?

At a recent networking event I discussed this very topic, in particular how to maintain a steady flow of updates and build a robust activity feed, as opposed to a long (and boring) list of who you have most recently ‘connected’ with.

An activity feed which simply lists your most recent connections does little to truly market your services or reflect an extensive, in-depth  knowledge of your particular field.  Yet, log into any home page on Linked In and you will notice that the Status Updates of your connections are very much in the foreground.  Added to the fact that many Linked In members opt to receive direct emails detailing their connections’ updates, a current and relevant activity feed is clearly prime marketing space to ensure you remain front of mind.

Here are 10 tips to help you get into the swing of posting relevant and interesting status updates on Linked In.  Doing just one of these once or twice a week will keep your feed current and ensure that you appear regularly and consistently in your contacts’ network updates.

1.  Identify some active and relevant discussion groups within your field and contribute to them

This will automatically raise your profile and well-timed, considered responses can be a useful ‘organic’ marketing tool for your business.

2.  Reference a historic post or an interesting case study within your blog or website

What’s old to you might be new or timely to someone else.  Focus on a catchy ‘hook’ for your audience.  Maximise ‘hook’ space by using either or to shorten links.

3. Share a link to an article which you have read and enjoyed

Focus particularly on one that is current, informative and relates to your “brand” or business in some way.

4. Post a link to a current news item detailing developments in your sector

This demonstrates that you are interested in ensuring you are up-to-date with progress and new initiatives.

5. Share an inspiring “quote of the day.”

Choose one of your own or one that resonates with you.  Maybe you can even link a famous quote back to one of your blog posts or a case study?

6. Post a piece of advice relevant to your sector

… and link it back to a relevant page or case study in your website.

7. Share an interesting YouTube video or a ‘coffee-break’ podcast

Go for short and simple, and something that reflects your business interests.

8. Post a link to an article in which YOU are mentioned, or to an event which you will be attending.

The original source will most likely re-share the link to their followers, increasing your audience.

9. Celebrate recent success relating to your key products or services

Something like, “Looking forward to working with three new clients this week” will highlight new business.  Market the fact that your business is national (or international) by outlining a busy week, “London, Aberdeen and York – a great week of meetings and two new clients!”

10. Publicly thank or recommend a trusted supplier for their great service and on-going support.

They will no doubt re-share your ‘thanks’ to their networks and by acknowledging their high standards, you underline your own, too.

Leveraging the power of Linked In status updates is quick and easy when you know how.  Be front of mind, not left behind.

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